Before elective procedures, the minimum duration of fasting should be (2018 SASA Guidelines):

  • Eight hours after a meal that includes meat or fried or fatty foods;
  • Six hours after a light meal (such as toast and a clear fluid) or after ingestion of infant formula or non-human milk;
  • Four hours after ingestion of breast milk (no additions to pumped breast milk are allowed);
  • Two hours after clear fluids.

Unless contraindicated, adults and children should be encouraged to drink clear fluids (including water, pulp-free juices, and tea or coffee without milk) up to two hours before elective surgery.

Kindly complete and sign the anaesthetics form as it forms part of the preoperative examination at the hospital.

Any questions relating to the anaesthetic service should be discussed with the anaesthesiologist during the preoperative examination.


You are kindly requested to bring the following along to the hospital on the day you are admitted for your procedure:

  • A list of all medical conditions and allergies that you may have.
  • A list of all current medication and/or that which you have been on for the last three months (including homeopathic and natural products)
  • Your current medication if there is any chance that you may need to take it while in the hospital.
  • Your CPAP mask (if you use one).