Drs Oberholster, Elsenbroek & Buckley

Anaesthesiologists Incorporated

SINCE 1959

PR. NO. 1011723
REG. NR. 1996/006300/21

Professional Anaesthetic Service in Pretoria, South Africa

Drs Oberholster, Elsenbroek & Buckley Anaesthesiologists Incorporated (The Practice) has been delivering a professional service in Pretoria, South Africa since 1959.  All the anaesthesiologists at The Practice are qualified specialists, and it is our priviledge to assist you with anaesthesia during your procedure.

At present The Practice has eleven Directors, two Associates and two Permanent Locums.  The Practice prides itself as a group of medical professionals delivering a specialised quality service, with a solid reputation for being committed to you, the patient, as well as to the medical fraternity in general.

As a practice we aim to be at the forefront of our field of expertise, implementing the latest technological advances in order to deliver quality anaesthetic service.

We are at your service!
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Dr A. Ackermann


MBChB (Pret), DA (SA), M.MED (Anaes)

Dr P.A. Cronjé


MBChB (Pret), M.MED (Anaes)

Dr A. de Bruin


MBChB (Pret), DA (SA), FCA (SA)

Dr J.G.H. de Jager


MBChB (Pret), M.Prax.Med (Pret), M.MED (Anaes)

Dr F. Elsenbroek


MBChB (Pret), LKA (SA), M.MED (Anaes)

Dr P.R. Fourie


MBChB (Pret), M.MED (Anaes)

Dr E. George



Dr R.M. Küsel


MBChB (Pret), DA (SA), FCA (SA), M.MED (Anaes)

Dr H. Swanepoel


MBChB (Pret), DA (SA), M.MED (Anaes)(Stell)

Dr K. Van Der Stockt


MBChB(Pret), DA(SA), FCA(SA), MMED(Anaes)(Pret)

Dr L.L. Vermeulen


MBChB (Pret), M.MED (Anaes), FCA (SA)

Dr A. Bekker


MBChB (Pret), M.MED (Anaes)

Dr S. Genis-Lucas

Permanent Locum

MBChB (Pret), DA (SA), M.MED (Anaes)(Pret), FCA (SA)

Dr L. Nienaber

Permanent Locum

MBChB (Pret), BSc (Hons, Pharm), DA (SA), M.MED (Anaes)(Pret), FCA (SA)

Dr. Les Osrin
Zuid Afrikaans
012 343 8525
Dr. Andile Xana
Eugene Marais
012 941 1820
Dr. Pieter AlbertynMedForum012 322 7806
Dr. John CallaghanMedForum012 322 1193
Dr. Simeon GerberKloof / Unitas012 367 4343
Dr. Paul LeuschnerKloof / Montana012 943 0100
Dr. Callie Meyer
012 565 6307
Dr. Rogan Pillay
012 322 1438
Dr. Carl Swanepoel
012 460 1284
Dr. Chris Smit
Kloof / MedForum
012 322 1507
Dr. Nilesh DahyaPretoria Eye Institute012 343 6283
Dr. Riel de la BatCure Day Erasmuskloof012 347 0267
Dr. Clayton ErasmusPretoria Eye Institute012 343 3598
Dr. Aboobaker Gani
012 492 6659
Dr. Boitumelo Khantsi
Pretoria Eye Institute
012 344 2687
Dr. Eben LaubscherPretoria Eye Institute012 343 4462
Dr. Gedion MakakasePretoria Eye Institute012 343 6001
Dr. S.M. Mofokeng
Pretoria Eye Institute
012 343 6283
Dr. Sanushka Moodley
Pretoria Eye Institute
012 343 3598
Dr. Julia Nhlapo
Medkin / Pretoria Eye Institute
012 320 1985
Dr. Frik PotgieterOptimed012 333 1111
Dr. Koos RoelofsePretoria Eye Institute012 344 1317
Dr. Wouter SteenkampOptimed012 343 5044
Dr. Hamza TayobPretoria Eye Institute012 664 5069
Dr. Johan van der HovenPretoria Eye Institute012 344 5454
Dr. Marissa WillemseOptimed012 343 5044
Dr. Jaco NagelKloof012 367 4450
Dr. Ridley SpiesKloof012 367 4290
Dr. Phillip NelKloof012 367 4382
Dr. Charl van NiekerkKloof012 367 4386
Dr. Febe BackerWilgers012 807 0860
Dr. Abri de BruinKloof012 367 4374
Dr. Douw HolderKloof012 367 4355
Dr. Vital KalumbaPretoria East012 998 4260
Dr. Reyn MaraisFemina012 326 6535
Dr. Oscar ShimangeMedForum012 320 2725
Dr. Kobus VerwoerdPretoria East012 998 7150
Dr. Judy van AardtPretoria East012 998 8820/30
Prof. Kurt ButowWilgers012 807 3065
Dr. Jason WhiteMidstream012 652 9451
Dr. Ettiene HeferKloof012 367 4294
Dr. Odette KochPretoria East012 998 4203
Prof. Theo le RouxPretoria East012 998 4203
Dr. Jaytesh PillayKloof012 367 4481
Prof. Martin van NiekerkKloof012 367 4390
Dr. Jeanne BothaIntercare Hazeldean012 809 0924
Dr. Vivienne JanderaIntercare Hazeldean012 993 0566

Important information for patients.

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Kindly complete side 1 and 2 of the Anaesthetic Form. Sign and hand it to the anaesthesiologist during the preoperative examination.

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As you may be aware each medical scheme has its own fee structure and the anaesthetic fees differ according to the option of your choice.
We pride ourselves with an ethical fee structure that may or may not be covered by your medical scheme.

The Practice's fees are based on the cost of delivering a specialised service, which are then bench-marked to other professional services.  The medical scheme plans offer different levels of benefit for anaesthetic services.  This may range from full cover to only thirty three percent, dependent on the medical scheme and your choice of plan.

It is important to note that the Reference Price List (RPL) has been declared invalid and unfair practice in the South African High Court (2010) due to Practice Cost Studies which were not taken into consideration.  The Practice is therefore not contractually bound to any medical scheme, which means that the patient remains personally responsible for the payment of any subsequent medical expenses (Medical Account).


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The Discipline of Anaesthesia

The Discipline of Anaesthesia

Anaesthesia: derived from two Greek words - “an” meaning “without” and “aesthesis” meaning “sensation”. Anaesthesia refers to the practice of administering medications either by injection or by inhalation (breathing in), thereby blocking pain and other sensory input.

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